Machine learning algorithms are great for recognizing the patterns hidden in the data and using that information to perform a task such as classification and regression. Is machine learning limited to perform these tasks only? or there is something more? let’s check out.

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you look at the image above?

When I saw this image for the first time, I thought what’s so special about this image? It’s just a cargo train transporting something. But when I read the story below the image, I was very shocked because this cargo train was transporting Fresh drinkable water.

This train had made the journey of 342 km from Miraj in south Maharashtra to the Latur in the southeast, to supply fresh drinkable water to the people of Latur. The train was aptly named ‘Jaldoot’. …

Source: BCCI Twitter

Cricket in India is a common bond that unites people even if they have different views and beliefs. It’s a huge sport in India and we love cricket. The way the current Indian team is playing is fantastic. Let it bet the Test Series in Australia, which India won by 2–1 after getting all out for 36 in the first test match. A great achievement. Or be it the India-England test series, where India beat England 3–1 comfortably.

So what makes the Indian team so strong?

  • They don’t simply care about the pitch. Be it pace, bouncy, swinging, pata, turning wicket. …

Jay khade

I can make your data tell a story | Machine Learning | Deep Learning

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